March 2015bluebb

The plastic component purchased from Jean Pierre Mercader for the construction of a serviceable hive bottom board is a high quality item well engineered in solid material and cleverly moulded to allow bees to chase SHB through accurate slots. It allows good ventilation of the brood box and is a useful aid in promoting hygiene in the hive.

To be effective, time and care have to be devoted to the construction of a modified timber frame including robust risers and a suitable entrance. I purchased ten of the plastic components from Jean Pierre and put considerable effort into constructing the complete bottom board. The result is a unit that can be incorporated seamlessly into our entire operation (about 50 hives) with the intention increasing the number of Bluebees Bottom boards over time. I am very pleased with the result. So far close observation has only been possible in the one hive I keep at home for the pollination of my vegetable garden.

This hive has performed very well over the summer in an area certainly not chosen for its nectar flow. It has produced several frames of surplus honey. is very strong and has many frames of healthy brood.

While I have not yet had the opportunity for a careful scientific evaluation, I feel sure the bottom board has had a lot to do with the success of this hive.

Best wishes,
Jim Sansom, Kyneton, Victoria

March 2015

To — J- Pierre
Bluebees bottom board assessment March 1st 2014 to March 1st 2015
Beehives were located in the Mallee region of Victoria during winter months. They averaged 10% more field bees with Bluebees Bottom Boards than standard 12mm ply bottom board when assessed for almond pollination on 1st August 2014. During hot weather and when re-locating hives, bees stayed cooler and showed less stress. For the above mentioned period of time no negative effects were encountered using Bluebees Bottom Board.

Max Cane Apiaries
Ararat, Victoria

January 2015

Hi Jean-Pierre,

Just a quick note to let you know that this is the second season that I have had your bottom boards on my four hives. I live in East Gippsland and have had a problem with small hive beetles with quite a number of the little buggers in the hive.

Since using your bottoms the problem has gone my mate who keeps his hives with mine Is still having the problem. My hives are producing 10 to 15 percent more honey than his and are much more active over winter and stronger in the spring.


John Murray
East Gippsland, Victoria

December 2014

I have used the Bluebees Bottom Boards for only 2 months and I am very pleased with the results. The SH beetle problem has GONE, and the hives are very healthy. Additional order 10x 8 Frame Bluebees Boards.

Jim Stonier
Robertson, New South Wales

December 2014

Hi Jean,
I have used your bottom boards for nearly a year now and they certainly seem to reduce the SHB population when compared with my other hives. This is only by casual observation, I have no figures to back this up. The other good thing is that there is no burr comb between the brood frames and the BB which makes a for much cleaner and easier to manage hive. ( I was at a talk in Yarra Junction by Jody Gerdts last week end about the impending varroa problem so consequently did a bit of looking around at different control methods, one of these being screened bottom boards.

Please excuse me if you have seen this before, I don’t want to be the one to tell you how to suck eggs.
In the attached file it mentions that the reduced temperature (33C compared with 35C) in the brood box that comes about from an open screened bottom board appears to provide a better environment for varroa to multiply.

Consequently I will be making up a modification to my bases to put a sticky board under the MBB to see if this helps. Of course we don’t have varroa yet but I should be able to see what effect it has on the SHB. I hope it makes interesting reading for you.

Ed Adamthwaite
Dandenong, Victoria

June 2014

Purchased 2 of these boards last year. The hives with these boards on them are the strongest hives of all my hives. (Reorder: 2 more Bluebees Boards)

John Murray
Bairnsdale, Victoria

May 2014 

As per our telephone conversation, this is a repeat order verification. (5x 8 Frame Bluebees Boards & 5x 10 Frame Bluebees Boards)

We have trialed a few Bluebees Boards last year and the results have been very positive compared to other means we have used in the past.

Ann Hawke
Bonny Hills, New South Wales

March 2014

Jean Pierre
I have finally got around to writing this article for you,

I have kept bees off and on for the last 35 years, my last sojourn into bees began 10 years ago with helping a retired friend maintain his hives.

I ended up with bees again and was building a few nice strong hives until 4 years ago the small hive beetle hit. From that po spent considerable capital on everything I could get my hands on to eradicate the beetle without success. After talking to some older industry experts and hearing first hand the devastation these beetles were doing I began to consider the ecological disaster of bees not being with us for my whole life.

I determined to do my best to assist the industry by rigorously trailing products designed to contain the beetles.

Then I ordered Jean Pierre’s bottom board on the off chance it might just work. To be honest when the package arrived, I thought this thing will let more beetles in and I’ll loose the hives faster.
After months of sustained hive losses I thought what the heck paid for the bases, I might as well fit them and add them to h it doesn’t work list.

It was an incredible shock fourteen days later when I took the lid off the hive to see a hive acceleration rate I had only ever read about. In 28 days a second box was needed and I was dumbstruck.
This guy had cracked a fix, and the bees loved the hive indicated by their accelerated expansion rate. The brood was like te: book stuff and hive inspection revealed much less evidence of beetles in the hive.
I have gone through another very damp wet season and the hives have slowed with the monsoon rains but no losses due to hive beetle this year.

Inspection reveals much lower beetle presence in the hives. Now all I’ve got to do is modify all the base boxes and get those bottoms on every hive.

The beetles are not going to win, I have found a significant roadblock to their population growth in my hives and am again excited about keeping my bees with zero slime outs over summer.
I don’t recommend many things but if you’ve got bees you need these bases.

Kind regards
Mark Wester
North Queensland


March 2014

Hi Jean,

Can I order 8 Bluebees Boards for 10 frame hives, send to the same address as last NOV/DEC previous order.

I have been surprised by the cleaniness of the hives. Be aware they do not eliminate every beetle but appear to allow the bee to be in control. Honey production appears to be up compared to the other hive at the same site.

These boards also allow us to apply a very small amount of smoke from under the hive more effectively through the slots. Less smoke, happier bees.

Gordon Sutherland
New South Wales/Queensland


February 2014

I have received the bottom boards which I ordered and am very happy with the quality, etc.

I now wish to purchase 3 more, can you please email me the cost.

Ron Wallace
Montrose, Victoria